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3 Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

3 Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage

If you live in La Habra, CA, then you may be concerned about roof damage from the local weather. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help protect your home. Here are three tips many experts recommend if you experience frequent or severe storms in your area.

1. Know the Weather in Your Area

One of the first steps for protecting your home from storm damage is to know the local weather. This can help you prepare for rain, hail, snow, or even wind damage, by giving you time to take the proper mitigation steps before the storm arrives.

2. Prepare your Home Before a Storm

Preparing your home before the storm arrives is an important part of preventing potential roof damage. If you have enough advance notice, you can take steps such as boarding or tarping over any vulnerable areas, as well as clearing out your gutters to help avoid water overflow onto the roof during the course of the storm. After the weather has passed you may want to inspect your proof for any damages that may have occurred.

3. Contact a Professional for Repairs

In the event that you do find damage on your roof after storm, it's best to contact your local storm damage restoration service. These professionals can properly assess your roof for any damages before getting the repair process underway. They may also be able to take care of any other storm related to damages, such as flooding in the home.
When protecting your home from roof damage, it's important to know the weather in your area so that you can take the proper precautionary steps. Follow any recommended weather advisory guidelines for protecting your home from the storm, including tarping or boarding over any damage, and ensure that any repairs that need to be made afterwards, are started as quickly as possible.

Commercial Insurance Coverage and Natural Disaster Protections

10/29/2019 (Permalink)

Trees fallen on a street Stay away from storm-damaged areas to keep from putting yourself at risk from the effects of severe thunderstorms

Commercial Insurance Coverage and Natural Disaster Protections

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on your Fullerton, CA, business, especially if you don't have the right insurance coverage. Did you know that the damages caused by some natural disasters are covered, but others aren’t covered? If you don't have a flood policy, for example, your commercial insurance may not cover the damage to your building. The three most common types of natural disasters are

  • Floods
  • Thunderstorms with wind and hail
  • Tornadoes and hurricanes

Do you know if your business has a flood policy? It is always a possibility that one of these disasters could leave your business flooded.

Multiple Forms of Coverage To Consider

If you don't know whether your company is covered, ask your insurance agent about a Commercial Package Policy, a Business Owners Policy, and flood insurance through the government's National Flood Insurance Program. Remember that floods are the number one most common natural disaster and that your business probably isn't protected from flood damage through your normal commercial insurance coverage.

What Is NFIP?

The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, is provided through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency.) The cost of this protection is dependent on many factors. For example, some communities are enrolled in a voluntary rating system, providing a discount to residents. Some modifications can lower your premium, such as upgrading the crawlspace, installing flood openings, and elevating utilities or the home.

One Add-On Isn't Enough

Even with an appropriate flood policy in place, remember that some things aren't covered by insurance. Any landscaping or septic systems aren't covered. Damage to any vehicles owned by the business won't be covered until you opt for specific additions.
Fortunately, many insurance agencies prefer that you work with professional flood restoration companies when the time comes to clean up after the disaster. This work is often included in your policy. The best way to determine whether your commercial insurance policy covers you in the event of flooding is to speak directly with your agent.

Tips for Water Damage to Wood Floors

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

old parquet restoration Water damage on wooden floor in La Habra, CA

Oops, a customer spilled a glass of water on the wood floor at your business in La Habra, CA. Of course, you tell him not to worry about it. You quickly wipe up the wet floor and it looks as good as new. A few weeks later, you discover that a pipe burst at your same commercial property. This time you know that wiping it up is not as easy as it sounds. What should you do next?

All Wood Is Not Created Equal

Depending on the type of wood floor that you have installed, it may or may not be salvageable:

  • Real, solid wood flooring has the best chance of returning to its original state after exposure or submersion in water. However, mold growth can occur in as little as 48 hours. Act fast to begin steps to dry the floor within that time period.
  • Subfloors usually remain structurally sound if dried quickly. The floor above it may be temporarily removed to allow improved air ventilation while drying.
  • Porous materials, including drywall and insulation, most often cannot be saved. This same principle applies to wood composite. When exposed to a significant amount of water, this type of wood material absorbs water and swells. Usually no amount of drying returns it to its original state, therefore it must be discarded and replaced.

Water Damage and Wood Flooring

The following steps increase the likelihood of saving your wood flooring after a pipe burst:

  • Take immediate action. Water restoration specialists typically arrive within hours to assess the situation and begin drying procedures.
  • Until help arrives, mop or blot as much excess water from the wet floor as possible. Remove items from the floor, such as papers or other inventory.
  • If there is significant flooding, evacuate employees and customers to ensure safety.
  • Call your commercial insurance agent to see if water damage is covered under your policy.

Time is of the essence when the wood floor at your commercial property in La Habra, CA, is in danger from a pipe burst. With the right actions, it may be possible to save your floor.

Pipe Breaks Require Quick Action

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

The hand of someone shutting of a valve Shut off the water supply line

Bursting pipes can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so you'll need to learn to identify it and act quickly. Even with the proper maintenance, the unexpected can happen in La Habra, CA, and rupture your water line. Every homeowner should know the proper steps.

Shut It Down

The first thing you want to do if a pipe has broken and is gushing water is to minimize the spread of water damage that will ensue. That means you need to stop the flow of water and eliminate any hazards. Some tips for doing so:

  • Shut off the water supply line or main water line
  • Shut off electricity if water damage is near cords or outlets
  • If the burst was in the bathroom or basement, try to direct flow towards a drain

Do What You Can

After your bursting pipes have been staunched, you'll need to continue with the damage control. Remove any contents that you can, and set them to dry in another area or outside. Put foil under the legs of furniture that can't be moved, if it sitting on a wet surface. Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows. If it is safe to use electricity, consider bringing fans in to help the drying process.

Call the Professionals

To fix broken pipe and handle the water damage remediation, you will need an expert. Some companies can do both. Specialized knowledge and tools are required to dry all the different kinds of materials that have been affected. You should be prepared that some items may need to be replaced. Porous materials like carpeting and drywall absorb too much water to fully dry and can pose a mold risk if left behind.
Acting fast to stem the flow of water and calling the experts immediately afterward should be enough to keep any secondary damage from occurring. Don't put off any water related catastrophes, or you could end up with mold.

The Slithery Drain Hero: Clearing Clogged Drains With a Plumber’s Snake

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

Clogged toilet with toilet paper Clogged toilet can hinder your daily routine in your home or business.

If your water stopped draining or slowed significantly, it is possible that your drain or the surrounding pipes are clogged. An auger, or plumber’s snake, is capable of freeing small blockages and may be the answer to your problem. Follow the steps below for proper snake usage and to possibly resolve your drainage issues.

Step 1: Guide the Snake Into the Drain, Feeling for Resistance

The first step is to slowly guide the auger into the drain, pushing with steady and even pressure to avoid coiling the snake within the drain. As you push the snake deeper into the pipes, pay attention to resistance because this may be a sign of blockages.

Step 2: Rotate Drum Handle Until Snake Moves Freely

Once you feel resistance, begin rotating the drum handle of the auger. As you rotate the handle, the snake turns, and the rotation helps the snake dig into and possibly past the clog. Slowly push the snake further into the drain, continuing to rotate, allowing the snake to break through the blockage and move freely.

Step 3: Remove Snake and Run Water

Once the snake is moving freely, slowly pull it out of the drain. It is important to take your time because moving too quickly may free the debris entangled on the auger’s head, possibly causing the pipes to remain clogged. Once the snake is clear of the drain, run the water for a few minutes to inspect the flow and drainage.

Step 4: Call for Help

If the problem persists, there may be a larger issue. Aside from more possible blockages, there may be a pipe break causing the poor drainage, and it may be time to seek out a plumbing or restoration specialists in the La Habra, CA, area.

Clogged pipes can be a hinderance to your daily routine, but a snake may be the answer. By applying the above steps for proper snake usage, you may free the flow of your water and avoid further inspection. If problems persist, then you may want to seek professional assistance and avoid the annoyance of a slow drain.

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Fire Prevention and Preparation Tips

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

Close up of replacing battery in domestic smoke alarm Change the batteries in your smoke detector regularly

Fire Prevention and Preparation Tips

Fire damage to a house can be extensive. It's not just the flames and smoke that can harm a house, either. The water used to put out the fire can also cause major destruction.
A fire cleanup company can help restore your Fullerton, CA, home after an emergency. Yet the best way to avoid damage to your house is to prevent a fire from occurring. Below are some fire preparation and prevention tips:

Use Space Heaters Properly

Space heaters are a common cause of house fires. Make sure that any flammable items are kept at least three feet away from space heaters and other hot objects. You should turn off these space heaters when you are sleeping, as well.

Cook Safely

The kitchen is another common source of home fires. You should thus stay in your kitchen while grilling, frying or broiling. You should also keep flammable items such as towels and potholders away from the stove.
Be sure to have a fire preparation strategy in case flames appear in the kitchen. If a fire does appear on a hot pan, keep the pan in place to prevent the fire from spreading. Instead, put a lid on the pan and turn off the burner.

Keep Your Home Protected

Change the batteries in your smoke detector regularly. If a home fire does occur, a smoke alarm can alert you to the blaze. Keep your house number visible from the street so firefighters can find your residence quickly.
You should also set up a fire preparation plan. Make sure that all of your family members know how to get out of each room in the event of an emergency. You should also set up a meeting place a safe distance from your home.
Teach your kids about fire safety, as well. Finally, get the contact information for your local fire damage cleanup company so you can call them as soon as the flames are out. Restoration professionals can repair any damage that does occur to your home.

4 Types of Storm Shutters for Your Home

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

A brick house, with three windows that have rolling shutters Rolling shutters operate by a cranking mechanism or remote control

Types of Storm Shutters and Their Costs

Storms can appear in the blink of an eye. The ferocity of driving rain and hurricane-force winds can take a toll on your windows. When you live in a city like La Habra, CA, your insurance rates increase with each replacement of broken windows. Purchasing protection like storm shutters will save you money in the future. The following list details the types of shutters available and the costs associated.

1. Storm Panels

These panels come in different materials such as aluminum, steel and reinforced-PVC fabric. Usually, they are installed at the time of the storm but can be attached permanently with rolling screens or slide brackets. Panel sheets come in ready-made sizes. Prices range from $75 for the smaller sizes and continue to rise as the size of the window increases.

2. Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are a permanent fixture of your home and in some cases add a decorative touch. These are best for the high winds associated with hurricanes. Rolling shutters operate by a cranking mechanism or remote control. Prices range from $20 to $30 per square foot of the window.

3. Accordion Shutters

Like rolling shutters, accordion shutters are permanent. The panels are attached to tracks and lock in the middle or on either side of the window. Accordion shutters are less expensive than rolling shutters and priced between $15 and $25 per square foot of window area.

4. Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are the most decorative of permanent shutters while still giving your house a considerable amount of protection from high winds and torrential rain. They come in louvered, board, and batten models. Colonial shutters mount to either side of the window and latch in the middle. These storm shutters can cost anywhere between $200 to $500 per window.
High winds can wreak havoc on windows, so spending the money to purchase shutters is an excellent idea. Speaking with a storm damage restoration specialist can give you suggestions on which storm shutters are the best for your home.

Do I Have Mold? Tips for Detecting Mold Infestation

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

A girl with a tissue on her nose From runny noses to watery eyes, allergy symptoms are often exacerbated by mold

Here Are Ways To Detect a Mold Problem

Figuring out whether you have mold may seem easy. But what happens when mold isn’t in plain site? The fact is, some of the most destructive mold can thrive inside walls, vents and other hidden places where it can spread unchecked. How can you find out if you have hidden mold lurking in your Fullerton, CA home? From sniffing it out to hiring an indoor environmental specialist, here are a few ways to detect a mold problem.

How Mold Gets Inside

Mold is a hardy little organism that lives all around us, spread by lightweight spores that waft through the air. Mold spores can make it into our homes:

  • on clothes
  • through open windows

Once inside, spores find a moist, warm surface and mold growth begins.

Pay Attention to Allergies

From runny noses to watery eyes, allergy symptoms are often exacerbated by mold. If you’ve recently experienced new or worsening allergy symptoms that seem to abate when you’re outside of the home, you may need to have an indoor environmental specialist do a mold test to find hidden fungus.

Look at Known Moist Areas

Got a leaky roof or a dripping water heater? Areas where moisture is known to gather are places where you may have a mold problem. Look closely at the walls, floors and beneath items near these moisture hotspots to see if you are in the beginning stages of mold infestation.

Follow Your Nose

Mold can have a pungent, musky smell. Oftentimes with hidden mold, the smell is the only clue to its presence. If you notice an unexplained stale odor, there may be mold lurking behind the walls.
The good news is that mold is not something you have to live with. Follow the above tips and hire an indoor environmental specialist to help you sniff out hidden mold and get on the way to killing the fungus for good.

What to Do If Fire Sprinklers Go off Accidentally

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

The head of a fire sprinkler If you have flooding from fire sprinklers in La Habra, CA, you can attempt to shut off the source of the water yourself

Many business owners worry about fire sprinklers going off automatically when there is no threat of a fire. Although this is rare, it does happen and can cause flooding in a localized area. Most often, these situations are caused by dirty sprinkler heads or old equipment that has not been maintained well. This is one reason to get your system inspected by a professional on a regular basis. If your sprinklers still go off accidentally, there are a few steps you can take to minimize damage even before the remediation experts arrive onsite.

Immediate Actions You Can Take

The first thing you will want to do to minimize damage is to stop the outpouring of water. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Locate the source of the flooding.
  • Attempt to shut off the sprinkler head. You can purchase a specialized tool for this purpose.
  • Attempt to shut off the water to the sprinkler system.
  • Ensure water is not also coming from a secondary source.

Turning off the source of the water is just the first step, but at least now you have minimized the amount of water and can contact a professional for cleanup and restoration.

The Cleanup Process

Once you have stopped the influx of water, you will need to contact your insurance company to inform them of the situation and inquire about coverage. Most insurance policies will cover water damage from malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Next, obtain the services of a professional restoration company. A professional company has the right equipment and skills to extract the water, dry the area, remove damaged items, disinfect if needed, and put everything back is if it never happened.
If you have flooding from fire sprinklers in La Habra, CA, you can attempt to shut off the source of the water yourself. With the help of remediation experts, you can soon have your business back to normal.

Mold Can Find Lots of Places to Hide in Your Business

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

a pipe under a sink A sink leak can cause mold to grow

Most people have heard about the potential dangers of mold contamination, and businesses are certainly not immune. While bleach and elbow grease may seem the logical approach to dealing with mold growth, unfortunately it can hide in surprising places and get well established on certain materials in Fullerton, CA. Many experts recommend getting a mold inspection around once a year in commercial establishments to protect the health of employees and customers.

Mold Likes to Hang Out Wherever There Is Water

Lots of places it grows aren’t really surprising when you think about it. Wherever water is commonly present, mold isn’t far away, such as

  • Around the water heater.
  • Air conditioners, especially where the condenser drains the water.
  • Bathrooms and utility rooms with a sink.
  • Carpets and padding where water has saturated it at some point.
  • Anywhere there has been water damage.

Once mold gets into carpet padding, it becomes very difficult to remove. In fact, this is one key reason carpet has become so much less popular in recent years.

Mildew Can Happen Wherever There Is High Humidity

Regrettably, there are plenty of more difficult areas where it likes to grow. The HVAC drain pan is usually carte blanche for all forms of fungus. Ductwork that experiences condensation is fairly common in Fullerton, CA – a natural path for mold growth. HVAC terminal units and anywhere where moisture can develop are also hot spots.

Ceiling tiles, especially if there’s been even a tiny roof leak onto them, can become ferocious mold centers, and cavity walls also are often overlooked and fertile ground for it. Wallboard that’s been exposed can be problematic; however, a one-time event with less than 2 days of exposure is usually not a major concern.

Lastly, even your office can have problems. For example, when a drink is spilled, it tends to get into unexpected areas, like drawers and files. Paper is an excellent medium for mold growth, so if you think your office smells a little musty, don’t be surprised at the cause.