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5 Tips for Limiting Commercial Fire Damage

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

Contingency Plan A contingency plan can make it possible to limit damage of a commercial building in La Habra, CA

Five Tips For Developing A Contingency Plan For A Building

A fire at a commercial building can cause property damage and endanger the safety of occupants. Here are five tips for developing a contingency plan for a building in La Habra, CA.

1. Make an Emergency Action Plan
An emergency action plan should include protocols for reporting fires and evacuation procedures. Standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require a written Emergency Action Plan for organizations with more than 10 employees. These measures must at least be communicated verbally in smaller workplaces.

2. Establish Prevention and Response Procedures
Every business should have measures in place to prevent fires in accordance with the fire hazard level of the operation and structure. In addition to reducing risks and providing access to fire suppression equipment, regularly scheduled drills based on an evacuation plan can also save lives.

3. Assign Emergency Responsibilities
A contingency plan can assign emergency duties to the occupants of a structure. Each individual should be aware of any critical operations that he or she is expected to perform prior to evacuation, as well as any rescue or medical responsibilities.

4. Back-Up Records Off-Site
It is easier to resume operation after a fire if originals or copies of essential records are stored off-site. Business owners can decide whether maintaining digital records in cloud storage or a remote location or if keeping physical copies elsewhere is the most reliable method.

5. Review the Property Insurance Policy
The owner of a business or building should be familiar with the terms and limits of coverage for fire damage restoration under a commercial property insurance policy. Coverage for secondary smoke damage or water damage may also be necessary.
Any planning a business or property owner does ahead of time will allow for a timelier response when disaster strikes. A contingency plan can make it possible to limit damage and promote the safety of all occupants of a commercial building in La Habra, CA.

The Many Forms of Water Damage

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded basement with the words on the left side of picture WE DON'T WAIT AROUND Flood damage in Fullerton, CA

The Many Forms of Water Damage

When water goes where it does not belong in your commercial building, it can create a nearly endless list of problems. Water damage can originate from a bewildering variety of sources, too, such as faulty plumbing, a roof leak, a winter or summer storm and even from broken appliances. The kinds of damage including the following:

  • Compromised electrical systems and computer equipment
  • Sullied furniture and drywall
  • Damaged paperwork, documents, and photographs
  • Spoiled insulation in attics and basements

Some forms of damage, such as the growth of mold, can show up days or even weeks later. Water is a wonderful thing, except when it enters places it should not.

Contaminated Water

Sometimes water is tainted with harmful chemicals, viruses, and other substances. This is often known as black water since the coloration of the water is usually darkened by sewage, dirt, oil, and gas or other materials. The presence of contaminated water in your building or on your grounds is a genuine emergency situation. The health of your employees and customers could be at risk. A local storm remediation company in Fullerton, CA, can be on site in a matter of hours. The company can direct the cleanup in a safe and efficient manner, keeping the safety of your workers in mind. It's important to know that any flood water, by definition, is considered to be contaminated, and can cause severe water damage.

Clean Water

Water in your building from a potable water source is likely to be clean. One good indication is the clarity of the water, but the best way to know is by identifying the source of the water. While this does not present quite as dire a threat as black water, it is still a situation that demands attention. Mold, which flourishes in damp conditions, can begin to spread in a matter of hours. The faster water is removed from your building, the more likely such things as drywall and flooring can be restored to original condition.

The Importance of Containment in Mold Remediation

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

The mold remediation process includes multiple steps and requires precise techniques to handle correctly. One of these important steps involves the containment of the mold cleanup area. While this process may appear pointless at first, it prevents the spread of mold throughout your commercial location. Continue reading to learn more about this procedure.

What Is Containment?

In the process of containment, the mold remediation team uses professional techniques and high-quality equipment to isolate the affected areas from the rest of the commercial building. The containment gear can vary depending on the status of the mold contamination.

  • Physical barriers such as polyethylene sheets
  • Dehumidifier
  • Negative air machine
  • Protective equipment (mask, boots, gloves, etc.)

Professionals use the equipment to ensure the task is completed safely and efficiently. See that your chosen contractors have the appropriate tools before the containment phase begins.

How Does Containment Work?

During mold cleanup, containment equipment is installed to isolate everything in the mold-damaged area. Any present ventilation points are sealed off and the building's HVAC technology is deactivated to ensure no mold spores spread throughout the area. Smaller areas like rooms require a single protective poly layer and an entrance flap. Meanwhile, larger areas require the installation of both two layers of poly sheeting and decontamination entrances.

Why Is Containment Important?

Containment is a crucial part in the mold removal process since it prevents the spores from traveling throughout the rest of the building. Installing containment locations throughout your La Habra, CA, business means there will be less mold damage overall and it will be easier for technicians to handle the initial mold. This method also prevents your employees from becoming exposed to mold contamination.
The containment of mold from the rest of the building is a crucial step in mold cleanup. It prevents the damage from dispersing to other places, keeps others inside the building safe and reduces overall damage to your property.

4 Storm Preparation Tips for Your Business

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

If you are expecting a storm in La Habra, CA, then you should take steps to get your business prepared. Severe weather can have a big impact on both your building and the items inside, especially if flood water is involved. The following are some things you can do to get ready.

1. Repair Current Damage

Any damage to your building can become worse or contribute to larger problems if it is not fixed before a storm. You should inspect both the interior and the exterior to find anything that could be a potential issue. Have these repaired as soon as possible.

2. Clean Up Outside

When you are preparing for a storm, you may forget that the outside of the building can be just as important as the inside. Make sure to store any items that could be picked up by the wind, and trim any trees located near windows. Debris and leaves in the drains and gutters can result in backup and water damage, so clean these thoroughly.

3. Relocate Furniture and Equipment

If you think that flood water might enter the building during the storm, you should move any items you can to a higher level. This will help to keep them from being damaged. It is especially important to do this for any electrical devices or items that cannot be easily replaced.

4. Back Up Important Data

A flooded building can result in lost data if the water gets to your computers. A power outage could cause damage to these as well. Make sure to back up any important files to reduce the risk of lost information. It can be a good idea to create both physical copies and digital uploads to cloud storage.
Flood water can be highly contaminated and can cause extensive damage to your building, so it is best to have it handled by a professional. Hire a cleanup and restoration service to take care of it for you. They can make necessary repairs and salvage many of your belongings. Visit us for more information on storm prep.

4 Reasons To Fence Off a Fire-Damaged Structure

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

Yellow tape that says FIRE LINE DO NOT CROSS A building owner may want to hire experts to install fencing to ensure that it will discourage unauthorized access.

4 Reasons To Fence Off a Fire-Damaged Structure

Building owners are responsible for the security of a structure with fire damage. A building that has recently suffered a fire may have breaches in the form of broken windows, missing doors, or holes in the walls or roof. A security fence can restrict access and limit liability. Here are four reasons to have security fencing installed around a fire-damaged building.

1. Keeping Out Looters and Trespassers

Fencing can help to discourage unauthorized access on the part of looters or trespassers. This can limit additional losses due to damage or theft from occurring prior to fire damage cleanup and restoration.

2. Limiting Liability for Injuries

If a person enters a structure that has recently experienced a fire and sustains an injury, the property owner may be liable. A security fence will indicate that the premise is not open to the public and discourage passersby from approaching.

3. Preventing Additional Damage

Buildings with fire damage will remain in particularly delicate condition until commercial cleanup and restoration are complete. An unauthorized entrant can grind soot into flooring materials or cause secondary damage to other building materials or contents. Depending on the condition of a structure, this can increase the cost and duration of restoration.

4. Showing Proof of Mitigation

Insurance companies are more likely to approve claims for properties in which measures have been taken to mitigate damage. Boarding up broken windows and holes in the structure can help to keep out debris and the elements. Boarding and fencing can also discourage intruders.

These are four of the best reasons to consider having a security fence set up after a fire. A building owner may want to hire experts to install fencing to ensure that it will discourage unauthorized access. Find out more about fencing, boarding up, and clean up services by contacting a fire damage mitigation company located in Fullerton, CA.

Detecting Mold in Commercial Buildings

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

Old wall with windows peeling dirty with black mold Mold infestation is a hassle for businesses, especially in humid regions.

Mold infestation is a hassle for businesses, especially in humid regions. Even in dry areas, trapped moisture from leaking pipes, water seepage through roofs and exterior walls, and water vapor from appliances can create a breeding ground for mold. While unsightly mold growth may be easy to spot, the signs of a troublesome mold infestation are not always so obvious. In these cases, business owners in La Habra, CA need a qualified indoor environmental specialist to quickly diagnose the problem.

Understanding the Risk

While invisible mold may be difficult to detect, there are signs and risk factors to keep in mind. These include the following:
• Previous or existing water damage
• Previous mold infestation
• Inadequate ventilation
• Air that smells musty

Undetected mold can create havoc in a commercial building, so if you have any of these signs or risk factors, hire an indoor environmental specialist as soon as possible. It is especially important to find someone who has the training and expertise to conduct an accurate mold test. Accurate testing allows quick identification and isolation of the mold, making it easier to get the infestation under control.

Taking the Next Steps

By testing the air and various surfaces within your commercial building, an indoor environmental specialist can assess not only the presence of mold, but its source. Next steps include containing the mold, addressing water leaks and moisture buildup, and safely removing the mold itself. While it is not possible to eliminate mold spores completely, the remediation process keeps nuisance mold from growing out of control. You can rest assured that the indoor air quality of your business will be satisfactory for customers and employees alike.

If you suspect invisible mold growth in your place of business, seek professional mold testing in La Habra, CA. Gain peace of mind knowing that a highly skilled professional will make your commercial building a pleasant place to do business. Visit for more information on mold. 

Tips for Water Damage to Wood Floors

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

old parquet restoration Water damage on wooden floor in La Habra, CA

Oops, a customer spilled a glass of water on the wood floor at your business in La Habra, CA. Of course, you tell him not to worry about it. You quickly wipe up the wet floor and it looks as good as new. A few weeks later, you discover that a pipe burst at your same commercial property. This time you know that wiping it up is not as easy as it sounds. What should you do next?

All Wood Is Not Created Equal

Depending on the type of wood floor that you have installed, it may or may not be salvageable:

  • Real, solid wood flooring has the best chance of returning to its original state after exposure or submersion in water. However, mold growth can occur in as little as 48 hours. Act fast to begin steps to dry the floor within that time period.
  • Subfloors usually remain structurally sound if dried quickly. The floor above it may be temporarily removed to allow improved air ventilation while drying.
  • Porous materials, including drywall and insulation, most often cannot be saved. This same principle applies to wood composite. When exposed to a significant amount of water, this type of wood material absorbs water and swells. Usually no amount of drying returns it to its original state, therefore it must be discarded and replaced.

Water Damage and Wood Flooring

The following steps increase the likelihood of saving your wood flooring after a pipe burst:

  • Take immediate action. Water restoration specialists typically arrive within hours to assess the situation and begin drying procedures.
  • Until help arrives, mop or blot as much excess water from the wet floor as possible. Remove items from the floor, such as papers or other inventory.
  • If there is significant flooding, evacuate employees and customers to ensure safety.
  • Call your commercial insurance agent to see if water damage is covered under your policy.

Time is of the essence when the wood floor at your commercial property in La Habra, CA, is in danger from a pipe burst. With the right actions, it may be possible to save your floor.

What to Do If Fire Sprinklers Go off Accidentally

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

The head of a fire sprinkler If you have flooding from fire sprinklers in La Habra, CA, you can attempt to shut off the source of the water yourself

Many business owners worry about fire sprinklers going off automatically when there is no threat of a fire. Although this is rare, it does happen and can cause flooding in a localized area. Most often, these situations are caused by dirty sprinkler heads or old equipment that has not been maintained well. This is one reason to get your system inspected by a professional on a regular basis. If your sprinklers still go off accidentally, there are a few steps you can take to minimize damage even before the remediation experts arrive onsite.

Immediate Actions You Can Take

The first thing you will want to do to minimize damage is to stop the outpouring of water. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Locate the source of the flooding.
  • Attempt to shut off the sprinkler head. You can purchase a specialized tool for this purpose.
  • Attempt to shut off the water to the sprinkler system.
  • Ensure water is not also coming from a secondary source.

Turning off the source of the water is just the first step, but at least now you have minimized the amount of water and can contact a professional for cleanup and restoration.

The Cleanup Process

Once you have stopped the influx of water, you will need to contact your insurance company to inform them of the situation and inquire about coverage. Most insurance policies will cover water damage from malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Next, obtain the services of a professional restoration company. A professional company has the right equipment and skills to extract the water, dry the area, remove damaged items, disinfect if needed, and put everything back is if it never happened.
If you have flooding from fire sprinklers in La Habra, CA, you can attempt to shut off the source of the water yourself. With the help of remediation experts, you can soon have your business back to normal.

How To Dry Out Your Business After a Flood

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in La Habra, CA

Tips to Prevent Excessive Water Damage

Flooding can cause widespread damage to businesses in La Habra, CA, and it can be overwhelming if you aren't sure how to mitigate the damage. There are several damage tips that can help to prevent excessive water damage.

1. Remove Manageable Amounts of Water Immediately

Removing water soon after a flood can often help to decrease the overall damage that occurs in your business. You can keep your property dry by increasing the airflow in your property, mopping up water and using a wet vacuum to remove small to moderate amounts of water. However, if there are large amounts of water present in your building, it's often useful to contact water damage restoration experts who can help to safely remove the water from your business.

2. Remove Wet Items

Many damage tips focus on reducing the damage that may occur in your building, and removing wet items in your property is often an important way to lessen the damage in your property. When items stay in a damp environment, damage can occur at an accelerated rate. However, removing any damp items can help to protect both the items in your building and the structure of your building.

3. Know What Type of Damage Has Occurred

In order to know exactly what cleaning tips are appropriate for your situation, it can be helpful to know what damage has occurred in your business. The source of the water can drastically affect the restoration process; water from a pipe burst is often easier to clean up than water from a natural disaster since the latter can be contaminated. If the water in your business is contaminated, it's generally best to leave the cleaning to professionals, whereas you are more likely to be able to manage cleaning up water from clean sources.

A flood can affect your business in a variety of negative ways, and not knowing how to react can make dealing with the effects of a flood more stressful. However, knowing what damage tips can benefit your business can help to make the restoration process simpler.

Why Containment Is Essential During the Mold Removal Process

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

To handle mold damage you need to hire professionals like SERVPRO.

If you’ve recently discovered mold in your business in Fullerton, CA, the last thing you want to do is make the situation worse by causing the mold to spread to other parts of your home. For this reason, your best bet is to call in the mold remediation specialists when you have a large mold cleanup job on your hands. The first step these mold removal experts will take after finding mold damage in the building is starting the mold containment process.

The Mold Containment Process

Mold containment involves:

  •  Turning off the HVAC system
  •  Creating physical barriers
  •  Using negative air chambers
  •  Wearing personal protective equipment
  • Filtering the air

The exact procedures and barriers used to contain mold depends greatly on how extensive the mold contamination is in the affected area.

Mold Is a Living Organism

While it might not seem like it, mold is in fact a living organism that grows when under the right conditions. Areas with plenty of moisture or humidity are exactly what mold needs to grow and reproduce. Although mold spores are always present, mold contamination occurs with excess growth that turns into mold colonies. When not properly contained, disrupting mold growth with cleaning can cause mold to quickly spread to other parts of your building and create new colonies.

Mold Can Cause Structural Damage

Mold can cause extensive damage to your building’s structure, which is why containment is an essential part of the mold cleanup process. Without proper containment, mold spores can easily spread to other parts of your building and cause extensive damage if undetected. Even a small mold issue can turn into a much larger problem that harms the structure of your building if the correct precautions are neglected.

Mold cleanup is a much more complicated process than you might assume and requires specific procedures to be removed. To handle a pesky mold issue in your commercial building, hiring a professional will ensure that the mold issue is contained and handled correctly.

A Helpful Guide to Commercial Water Damage and Insurance Coverage

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial water loss in La Habra, CA

A Helpful Guide to Commercial Water Damage and Insurance Coverage

A commercial insurance policy can provide both peace of mind and enhanced financial security. However, water damage can be a tricky dilemma that may not be adequately covered under every plan. To help avoid a potentially costly out-of-pocket water cleanup, it’s essential for you to understand the terms of your current coverage. To help safeguard your La Habra, CA, business from a variety of water-based disasters, you may need to evaluate several key insurance options.

1. Commercial Property Insurance

Possessing a property protection policy is an essential element of any efficient business strategy. Although most plans cover fire and storm damage, many include specific limitations regarding losses caused by water infiltration.

Although coverage varies, most policies offer protection from broken pipes and internal leaks. Unfortunately, water damage caused by sewer backups and external flooding are often excluded from many commercial insurance plans.

2. Supplemental Coverage Options

If your current property coverage does not cover flood and sewage destruction, you may have to fund cleanup and restoration costs out-of-pocket. To help avoid this potentially expensive dilemma, you should consider purchasing a supplemental plan that helps safeguard your investment from floods and sewer seepage.

3. A Business Owners Policy

Many small businesses may also benefit from a business owners policy that offers essential property insurance, liability and additional options, such as income and equipment breakdown coverage, in one convenient package. Like other contracts, you should carefully review and evaluate terminology to ensure any proposed BOP provides adequate protection against broken pipes, sewer leaks and flooding, and purchase supplemental coverage if necessary.

Storms can be unpredictable, and aging infrastructure may become increasingly vulnerable to cracks and leaks. Because of these circumstances, avoiding water damage can be extremely challenging. A comprehensive business insurance policy may be the best way to safeguard both your building and financial security. However, it’s important to recognize that destruction can arise from numerous sources and adjust your coverage accordingly.

Do I Have To Worry About Flood Damage If I'm a Tenant?

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

Purchase your flood insurance in Fullerton,CA

Mitigating the risk of home flooding can be nerve wracking, and doing so in a landlord/tenant scenario brings its own set of unique worries. Both renter and tenant may wonder about practical things like who handles flood cleanup or whether renter’s insurance covers flood damage. Be prepared by understanding the responsibilities of renters and tenants in Fullerton,CA.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

Unfortunately for tenants, landlords are not responsible for insuring their tenants. It’s for this reason that so many rental properties insist on tenants obtaining a renter’s insurance policy to cover their belongings. The good news is that such policies are cheap and plentiful. In general, the landlord’s responsibilities when it comes to flood damage extend to:

  • The building structure itself as well as flooring, wiring, plumbing, and appliances
  • Repairs required to make a space legally habitable

While not legally required to, landlords are also urged to let renters know about the potential for flooding in the area. Doing so can shield landlords from liability suits.

Tenants' Responsibilities

Tenants have limited responsibility in the face of flood damage to a rental house or apartment. That responsibility generally extends only to the things that are inside a unit. Personal items are typically addressed by tenant insurance coverage, as are the cost of temporary relocation and normal living expenses if the building is unlivable.

With that said, flood insurance policies are indeed available to renters. Tenants can buy a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to cover contents up to $100,000. Like standard tenant insurance, this type of policy covers personal property and contents during a flood.

The decision to purchase flood insurance is up to the individual renter. In most cases, renter’s insurance is enough, but flood insurance can put your mind at ease. Use the above to inform your decision, or contact a local expert in flood damage cleanup to help you choose.

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Fire Emergency?

7/14/2018 (Permalink)

Everyone hopes one won’t happen at their workplace in La Habra, CA but the fact is that fires can happen to any building at any time. Keeping your coworkers safe during an emergency doesn’t need to be an added stress during a tense time. Periodically practicing with a fire drill will teach employees what to do should a fire break out and help them stay calm while evacuating the building.

However, there’s more to staying safe than just leaving the premises. Here are three things to do to help ensure your workplace and coworkers make it through the situation safely.

1. Have a plan. It’s hard to think clearly during a stressful time, so having a plan in place will help ensure the most positive outcome is achieved. Include evacuation routes for each area of the building and appoint people to operate fire extinguishers and shut off power and water. Have a system in place for alerting employees of an emergency situation, such as a broadcast or loudspeaker system.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Having your coworkers regularly walk through the motions of the fire drill when conditions are safe can prepare them to act calmly under pressure should the occasion arise in the future. Announce the times of the practice runs so that workers can arrange to be available during the scheduled activity.

3. Know who to call. From emergency responders to restoration specialists, you’ll need the help of a lot of people to get through and recover from the ordeal of a workplace fire. Have your list of contacts ready to go before you need it, and you’ll quickly be on your way to recuperation.

A workplace fire can be stressful and scary, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Having a plan and a regularly practiced fire drill can help keep you and your coworkers safe in La Habra, CA. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage. 

Commercial Water Damage

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Recently, we received a commercial water job after hours. A warehouse got completed flooded, about 8000 sq ft. was affected including offices and a bathroom. The different steps that we applied for water mitigation included:

Containment to prevent spores and dust escaping to clean areas. Removal of wet drywall and insulation. Cleaned and disinfected to prevent bacteria growth. Set up equipment to fully dry the affected area. 

After the drying process is completed, a test needs to be done to ensure its dry and bacteria won't grow. Final step is construction.  

Our job is to help people restore their lives after a catastrophe. Give us a call at any time if  you or one of your clients needs our help. 

      SERVPRO of La Habra/ W. Fullerton
"Like it never even happened."

Water heater burst! 

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Received a call on Monday morning, water heater in a commercial property burst. Water leaked all weekend and affected the main office, bathroom and 30 aisles in the warehouse. It was category 1 which means water is clean and can be dry in place. This job required a crew of six people for water extraction, also a good quantity of dehumanizers and fans to dry the warehouse as fast as possible. We also proceeded with moisture check and in place drying methods inside the office. The job was completed in two days, without the need of removing any flooring, drywall or construction.

The warehouse did not close doors and they were able to keep working while we were making it "Like it never even happened."